• Texturing and Physics (again)

    Added collisions, textures mostly working (a few need to be resized and unity has no image manipulation), removed the triangles generated on chunk edges (more than halves triangle count which reduces load on GPU and collision mesh generation).

    Also was playing around with the car and plane standard assets to test the collision meshes, seems to work ok 

  • WhiteBox Unity

    After the announcments of Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 being free I lost a bit of motivation to continue with my personal engine. After a while I decided to see if I could get what I've done working in Unity to see how it fares.

    It's a few steps back but I have Minecraft worlds loading using Substrate as external code (a plugin). The blocks are loaded and the mesh data prepared on a thread, and then passed to the main thread for object and mesh creation. It manages to keep a solid 60+ as well, hopefully I can add the texture loading as well without impacting it.

  • Directional lighting

    Not much new here, just added in a directional light and did some refactoring.

    You can also see some floating boxes, which are third-person cameras for the spheres. You can "drive" them around, which I used to test the lighting.

  • Deferred Shading

    Deferred shading, first pass on lighting. Each sphere has a point light at its centre.

  • Multiple texture blocks

    Added support for multiple texture per block, and biome colours (which is just hard-coded for now). Also set up mip-mapping (which is going to be wrong on the edges) and swapped to the texture pack I use since I know it has all the block textures in this map file.

  • Minecraft World + Physics

    It felt like something was missing... (ignore abysmal frame-rate)

    Collisions meshes are generated from the visual mesh of each chunk.

  • Tiled textures

    Textured using a tile map with textures from a minecraft texture pack (The grass and trees are grey because they're designed to be coloured by the biome).

  • Importing Minecraft World

    Using Substrate, imported a minecraft world. Generates a skin mesh for each chunk, which are 16x16x128 blocks, and designated by the different colours.

    17x17 chunks rendered in 2ms. Now I just have to try and keep it at that as I add more detail....

  • Cube Terrain

    Expanded the chunk grid and the terrain pattern.

  • Cube Grid 3

    Cube grid rendering properly with physics. Simple sine wave terrain.

    At this point every cube has triangles generated for every side, but that will be optimised soon.