• Cube Grid 2

    Mesh in the right place, but physics still offset.

  • Cube Grid

    First attempt at a cube grid, having issues with the physics and mesh offsets. Also some nice vignetting using post effects, under the UI this time.

  • Post effects

    After way-too-long, post effects. Though at this point they're rendered too late in the pipeline and affect the UI...

  • Cars everywhere!

    Added some loaded mesh support, with a muscle V8 cop car. The floating boxes are the third-person cameras attached to the cars.

  • Driving a car

    Third person camera, attached to a car, which you can drive! You can also see the free cameras frustum in the top right.

  • Debug stats

    I spent a bit of time writing some debug timing of the component systems. Sparklines help show spikes relative to the average value.

  • Vehicle physics

    Added cylinder mesh generation and objects, cars have vehicle physics with wheels, cars are controlled by very primitive behaviour system that makes them turn randomly. Fun to watch them knock the objects out of the way and then drive off the edge.

  • Sphere meshes and physics islands

    Added sphere mesh generation, object colours by setting up the built-in BasicEffect for shading, debug text, and visualising physics simulation islands. With multithreaded enabled the physics engine can easily handle 1000 entities.

  • Physics

    Added physics via BepuPhysics, completely in C#. The big cubes are actually physically spheres...

  • Raster state

    Added a grid mesh generator to make a ground mesh, and fiddled with the DX11 raster state.