This is what I do.

redwyre, also known as Simon Stevenson in meatspace, is a software and game developer from Brisbane, Australia.

The Name

redwyre is the handle I created for myself in the early days of the internet, when dial up and IRC reigned supreme. Red in the colour of courage, passion, and love, which are some of my personal values; courage to take a stand and do what is right, passion from investing and caring about what you do, and love for everyone. 'Wyre' is a unique spelling of 'wire', which stands for technology - that which has given us the information age - and connectedness. As a way to uniquely identify myself, it was quite a success as most references on the internet to 'redwyre' are in reference to myself.

Early Years

The first experience I had with a computer was a Dick Smith VZ200 cobbled together with a tape player, power supply and RF output box.

During the early years of primary school I dabbled with the Apple ][e as my father had one that he used for work (it had a hardware spectrum analyser card he used for audio work).

Later in primary school I moved on to PC 286, 386, and 486.

In high school I started to learn C++ (and spend a few years on Visual Basic), and found out that it was possible to get a job making games which was then my goal. I wrote a crappy little C++ game engine and after high school I got a scholarship to Qantm College studying a "Diploma of I.T. (Software Development) specialising in games".

Games Career

Pandemic Studios

- Destroy All Humans!

- Destroy All Humans! 2

- Batman game that was canceled

- Some other thing that was cancelled


- Some engine stuff

- Arcade


- Tools

Strange Loop Games

- Eco

The Future

Hopefully I continue to work on high-tech and low level code, optimisation and graphics.