Game Room

This project was very cool and lasted a number of years before being shuttered by Microsoft. Similar projects have poped up since but they have all been from individual publishers and not from the variety of consoles and publishers this project had. This was increadibly interesting as it's not very often you get a chance to mix electronics and progrogramming, or even work on emulation in general.

Only one game that I worked on completely by myself made it past all the legal hurdles to get released was Food Fight. I also helped out on components and debugging on a number of other games.

I also worked on a debugger tool that ran along side the emulator and monitored execution and memory access with some visualisations. Heat map could be used to find contiguous memory access which helped identify things like music and sprites, and the hex view could be used to view changes in memory such as health and positioning. The tooling helped other developers increase their productivity by magnitutes.